Chicago Blitz

Dan Jiggets

Jiggetts jumped from the Bears to the Blitz in 1983

When Marv Levy took the job he was unaware that the players were traded along with the coaching staff and some front office people. He thought he was inheriting a playoff team. “After I was at work I realized the entire roster was swapped,” says Levy from his Chicago home.

Things got worse for the beleaguered Blitz franchise as new owner Dr. Hoffman decided to pull anchor just before the season started. “It was after we lost a game to the Panthers and I saw Dr. Hoffman and asked him where he was going? He said, ‘I’m done, I’m out-of-here,’” says Jiggetts wryly. “That’s the last time I spoke to him, before he could legally leave the team midway through the season.” 

The league took over the team after that as the franchise seeped into a slow and agonizing demise. Images of an empty Soldier Field on a rain-soaked March afternoon, still linger with several Blitz players and coaches. 

Having a say with player-personnel, Jiggetts turned to his old friend Vince Evans to join the Blitz in the disastrous ’84 season. “I convinced Vince it was a great opportunity for him," says Jiggetts, who is well-entrenched in the Chicago sports scene as a broadcaster. "Vince played his tail-off for us that year.”