Marv Levy

USFL players, coaches and management formed the foundation for the four-time AFC Championship team in the '90s

Chicago Blitz

“Things were so bad the players had to bring their own toilet paper, at Christmas time I gift-wrapped a role of toilet paper for everyone in the organization.” 

Before Marv Levy led the Buffalo Bills to four-consecutive Super Bowls, he was the head coach of the USFL’s Blitz in his hometown of Chicago. 

While Levy coached the Blitz for only one year, the seeds were planted for what would become a monumental playoff run by the Buffalo Bills during the late ’80s into the mid- ’90s.
 After leaving the Chiefs in 1982, Levy took a TV job with ABC covering the USFL for the 1983 season.

Before the start of the 1984 season, the Chicago Blitz and Arizona Wranglers swapped its players and coaches.  
George Allen was now the coach of the Wranglers, while the Blitz needed a new coach.

Enter Levy!

Levy was unaware that the position was available because the legendary Allen was coaching the team after leading the Blitz to the playoffs the year before. “Out of the blue I received a call from the new general manager of the Chicago Blitz, Ron Petasnick,” says Levy, who got his first coaching job under Allen in 1971.  “Petasnick told me, ‘the entire franchise [Blitz] is moving to Arizona and we want you to coach.’”

Levy found out he inherited a 4-14 team instead of the playoff Blitz team.