Tom Ramsey

Ramsey never had a great relationship with head coach John Hadl

Los Angeles Express/Oakland Invaders

Ramsey was guided astutely by his agent Marvin
Demoff. It was announced that his contract was for
four years with the Express, in essence, it was a two-
year deal that was tied to the league’s TV contracts
with ABC. “We mirrored the ABC contract for two
years,” says Ramsey. “I had an option, after the second-season, that allowed me to opt-out of my contract and join the NFL club that drafted me.”

Ramsey didn’t break the bank with his contract, but was offered second-round money by the Express. “It was at the high-end of the competitive scale for the NFL at the time,” says Ramsey, who was a late arrival into training camp.

Things were a bit “rough” in terms of organization when Ramsey got to camp.  “It was like the movie North Dallas 40,” he says. “It was almost comical at times.  I asked myself, ‘What the hell have I got myself into?’”

While there was a high level of quality players, there were guys that were true NFL rejects.  Ramsey wondered who was letting these people on the field. “There were some real ‘bozos’ out there,” says Ramsey with an amusing tone in his voice. “There must have been guys that never played in college.” While most USC and UCLA players were talented enough for pro football, Ramsey, with a pause in his voice, says some of the players were so bad that he called the lack of talent “SHOCKING!”

Ramsey said the first traning camp with the Express was like the movie 'North Dallas Forty'