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Anthony Carter
Michigan Panthers & Oakland Invaders

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"He was a guy that sparked everbody," says Former teammate and Hall of Fame defensive end Chris Doleman, in a 2011 interview with me for "You knew when he got the ball in his hands something was going to happen."

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Anthony Carter
Michigan Panthers & Oakland Invaders

The USFL - The Rebel League

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Anthony Carter was nothing less than sensational in

his three years in the USFL and was spectacular in his

11 seasons in the NFL.


After all, the man nicknamed “AC,” finished in the

top-10 of Heisman voting three times in his NCAA

career, so it should have come as no surprise that he

played in a total of 14 post-season games in his pro football career.


Carter played in 140 games during his NFL career -- catching 486 passes for 7,733 yards and 55 touchdowns.  Carter caught 37 passes for 644 yards in eight playoff games.  His best playoff performance came in a stunning Viking win over the 49ers in 1987, when he had 10 receptions for 227 yards in Minnesota's 36-24 victory at the Stick.


Carter dazzled USFL defenses with 160 receptions and 27 touchdowns in his tenure with the Michigan Panthers and Oakland Invaders. Carter went to two USFL Championships in the USFL, winning the inaugural Championship Game, 24-22 over the Philadelphia Stars. It was Carter’s 48-yard TD reception with 3:01 remaining that put the Panthers up by 10 points to seal-the-deal for the Panthers.

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