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NY Times Feb. 24, 1983


Some major college football coaches threatened yesterday to bar any United States Football League representatives from their campuses after learning that Herschel Walker had given up his last season of eligibility at Georgia to sign with the New Jersey Generals of the new league. National Football League club officials also reacted strongly against the U.S.F.L.'s signing of Walker a year before he completed his college eligibility; Georgia's coach, Vince Dooley, said it was ''a sad day for Georgia,'' and the United States Olympic Committee announced that Walker, a world-class sprinter, would not be able to compete in the 1984 Olympics. Gerry Faust, Notre Dame's football coach, said: ''No matter who started the negotiation on this, I'm disappointed that the U.S.F.L. didn't go along with the policy to protect the college student from having the opportunity to get his degree in the normal four-year period. ''I just hope the new league and their commissioner take stock of what they've done here and will go along the same lines as the National Football League has done for years. But before I bar the U.S.F.L. from Notre Dame I'd have to know more about it. I want them to give me an explanation, and I think every college coach needs an explanation from that league.''