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Irv Eatman
Philly Stars

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"Ain't no rivalry we owned them [The Generals], all that money they spent, we still beat 'em down...they went out to try and manufacture a team, and we had a team, it was that simple, the second year to load up and get all these guys, we had a bunch of guys that went through the grind...we already meshed as a team, we weren't going to be denied, they were going to try and buy their way and it wasn't going to work..."

Irv Eatman

Irv Eatman won two USFL Championships as a member of Jim Mora’s Philadelphia Stars. Eatman, along with teammates Bart Oates, Sam Mills, Mike Johnson, George Jamison and Sean Landeta were a force once entering the NFL.


Eatman joined the Kansas City Chiefs after the USFL folded in ’85.  Eatman played with the Chiefs until 1990, then signed with Jets in 1991.  Eatman also played with the Rams, Falcons and Oilers. Most recently, he was an offensive line coach with the Chiefs through 2005.

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