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The first Philadelphia Stars werethe most

successful USFL franchise!


The Stars played in three of the championship

games – winning two of them. 


Jim Mora was the coach, future All-Pro C Bart

Oates and P Sean Landeta went on to

successful careers in the NFL.  Oates won two Super Bowls with the Giants and won another while playing for the San Francisco 49ers.  Landeta was also a key part of the championship Giant teams in ’86 and ‘90 with his booming leg and remains one of two active players from the USFL  --  Flutie is the other. 


The irony for Mora, despite winning two USFL rings, he failed to win a playoff game, despite six appearance in the post-season as coach of the New Orleans saints and Indianapolis Colts.   Mora retired after the 2001 season after a 16-year career as an NFL coach.


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Philadelphia Stars

USFL Eatman 2.png

#75 OL Irv Eatman

"Ain't no rivalry, we owned them [the Generals], all that money they spent, we still beat 'em down,” says former Stars’ offensive lineman Irv Eatman in November of 2017. “They went out to try and manufacture a team, and we had a team, it was that simple. The second year they tried to load up and get all these guys, we had a bunch of guys that went through the grind. We already meshed as a team, we weren't going to be denied, they were going to try and buy their way and it wasn't going to work.”

Copy right USFL - The Rebel league 2007

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Sam Mills Stars.jpg

#54 LB Sam Mills

Jim Mora on Sam MillsArtist Name
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Mora left the Patriots for the Stars' jo
Bryant scores 3 TD's & earns MVP honors
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